Manasi Kamat


I received my Master’s degree in Bioanalytical Sciences from the University of Mumbai, India. I worked in the analytical department of a CRO affiliated with Cipla, India. After two years of industry experience, I came to the United States to pursue a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Florida, under the mentorship of Dr. David Powell and Dr. Richard Yost.

My research primarily focused on the identification of biomarkers for traumatic brain injury using mass spectrometry-based proteomics, employing LC-MS/MS and MALDI imaging. A few of the identified biomarkers have been patented. 

Post-graduation, I joined as a Chemist at the Mass Spectrometry Research and Education Center (MSREC) at the University of Florida, contributing to diverse proteomics projects and developing LC-MS/MS methods for targeted analysis. I have more than 15 publications to date. In 2022, I transitioned to the Research and Development Manager role at Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics (SECIM), where my focus is on metabolomics and other targeted assays. 

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