Garrett Lab

The research in Garrett’s lab involves the application and development of mass spectrometry for clinical research covering many areas such as cancer, the microbiome, rare diseases, and autoimmune disorders.

Recent Publications

Lipidomics Analysis for Fabry Disease Diagnosis

LC-MS lipidomics of renal biopsies for the diagnosis of Fabry disease

Hoda Safari Yazd, Sina Feizbakhsh Bazargani, Christine A. Vanbeek, Kelli King-Morris, Coy Heldermon, Mark S. Segal, William L. Clapp, and Timothy J. Garrett

Recent Publications

Rapid Detection of Prostate Cancer with Metabolomics

Data-Driven Soft Independent Modeling of Class Analogy in Paper Spray Ionization Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics for Rapid Detection of Prostate Cancer

Frederico G. Pinto, Iqbal Mahmud, Vanessa Y. Rubio, Ademar Domingos Viagem Máquina, Anízia Fausta Furtado Durans, Waldomiro Borges Neto, and Timothy J. Garrett

Recent Publications

Metabolite & Lipid indicatives of Hypoxia

Medulloblastoma cerebrospinal fluid reveals metabolites and lipids indicative of hypoxia and cancer-specific RNAsUntargeted Metabolomics

Bongyong Lee, Iqbal Mahmud, Rudramani Pokhrel, Rabi Murad, Menglang Yuan, Stacie Stapleton, Chetan Bettegowda, George Jallo, Charles G. Eberhart, Timothy Garrett & Ranjan J. Perera