Jeremy Koelmel

Jeremy KoelmelJeremy has published more than 21 articles and book chapters to date in the fields of pollution and cleanup, and detection of biological molecules for clinical and environmental applications. Jeremy enjoys teaching and mentoring, and has taught as a science teacher in multiple capacities including as a camp director and camp counselor. He has received multiple awards for his teaching endeavors. Currently Jeremy works as a Post Doctoral researcher at the Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics continuing his work in designing lipidomics software. He is currently completing a project which integrates all steps of the lipidomics data-processing workflow, including data conversion, peak picking, blank filtration, lipid identification, combining positive and negative mode data files, relative quantification, and statistics. The algorithms designed by Jeremy Koelmel and the SECIM team are implemented in the SECIM lipidomics workflow for clients, and can be found alongside relevant publications at: