Professional Experience

Garrett Analytical Consulting, LLC

President and Owner, November 2009-present

  • Consultant to nutraceutical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies for analytical method development, troubleshooting, and technology application

Department of Pathology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Research Assistant Professor, May 2012-present

  • Develop new applications in clinical mass spectrometry
  • Develop imaging mass spectrometric approaches to pathological specimens
    • Translate new biomarkers to high-throughput clinical assays
    • Develop assays for the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring lab for UF Path labs

Department of Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

            Research Assistant Professor, July 2006-present

Core Laboratory Director, General Clinical Research Center

  • Applied and theoretical research in the area of biomedical mass spectrometry
  • Quantitative analysis of small molecules in plasma, urine, serum
  • Manage the operations of the Biomedical Mass Spectrometry
  • Manage operations of the CLIA certified Sample Processing/Diagnostic laboratory of the Clinical and Translation Science Institute’s Clinical Research Center

Department of Chemistry, Richard A. Yost Research Group, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Graduate Research Assistant, Fall 2001 – Spring 2006

  • Applied and theoretical research in the area of imaging mass spectrometry
  • Development of AP/MALDI/MS and AP/MALDI/FAIMS/MS ion and laser optics for tissue analysis
  • Development of methods for analysis of tissue specimens at vacuum (10-6 Torr), atmospheric, and intermediate pressure (170 mTorr) MALDI
  • Application of these methods for analyzing lipids implicated in demyelinated neuropathic disease
  • Investigated the ion fragility of phospholipids by ESI and MALDI for quadrupole ion trap MS
  • Development of coating processes for applying MALDI matrix to tissue specimens

Microcoating Technologies, Atlanta, GA

Research Technician, Spring 2000-Summer 2001

  • Developed novel methods for applications of anti-reflective and conductive coatings to glass substrates using Combustion Chemical Vapor Deposition, CCVD

Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 1997-Spring 1999

  • Conducted research in the analysis of unpurified bacteria by MALDI TOF-MS with identification by peptide mass fingerprinting under the direction of Dr. I. Jonathan Amster